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Liquid Motion® is an open level specialty class that utilizes sensual movement and basic dance theory. In this 90-minute specialty class, we will incorporate the key concepts of Liquid Motion to build a foundation in basic floor and wall work, rolls across the floor, and intricate floor flows. You will learn how to achieve a seamless and natural movement quality by understanding where your movement originates, and how you can apply it to all of the techniques above. As we will only be using the floor in this specialty class, please bring knee pads, leg warmers, long pants and a long sleeve shirt for your safety.


Cleo's Rock N Pole® is an open level 90 minutes specialty class that is a fun and high energy workout incorporating Pole Dance Choreography for strength, flexibility and cardio training. This specialty class will get your heart pumping, legs kicking, stilettos clacking and butts shakin' to some of your favorite rockin' songs. Choreographed by Cleo The Hurricane and taught by Kasey to help you get strong, flexy and fit, with the confidence of a ROCK STAR. Are you ready to Rock N Pole? All you'll need is a Pole, a pair of heels and a ROCKIN' attitude! 


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Pole’Ography, is an open level, unique 90 minute specialty class, designed to increase your pole movement vocabulary while also focusing on musical and emotional connectivity. This specialty class strives to improve your sense of musicality, lines, and expression with the use of dynamic and contrasting movement on the pole to the floor. Learn to combine moves into one beautiful flowing piece, while most importantly adding your own individuality! Knee pads required. Heels are optional. 

Cleo's Rock n Pole Dance Classes