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Vertical Pole Studio, Navarre Beach Yoga

Ready to get started at Vertical Pole Studio Navarre? Please read the Frequently Asked Questions and our Studio Policies before registering for a class.

We require a minimum of 2 students to be registered online 2 hours in advance of each class for classes to hold. Use our mobile schedule below to register for any & all classes you wish to attend. To understand the classes we offer, simply click on the "view details" and a description will pop-up. When you click the “sign-up” button, it will take you to our Mindbody Online site and you will have to complete a registration if it's your first time to our studio or you will have to log in if you are a returning client. 

4-Week Courses & Workshops do not show up on the Mindbody App. When downloading the Mindbody App you will search the business Vertical Pole Studio.

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