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Grounded classes are added to the schedule periodically. We offer these classes to allow you to cross train while building strength, increasing stamina and gaining flexibility.


WHAT TO WEAR: Yoga pants and tank top.


This class starts with a warm up to prepare your muscles and joints for a series of exercises designed to improve your flexibility. You will notice how much easier and more graceful your pole moves will look. This class will help tone your body and increase your entire body flexibility!


The best stretch class you will ever attend! Improve your flexibility and open up a whole new world of movement in both pole dancing and in life. Stretching and flexibility helps reduce chance of injury and can lower stress. This class will also help tone your body, open up your hips and increase your strength by up to 20%. Our stretching class is a must for every pole fitness student! Incorporating laughter makes stretching fun! 


The booty-luscious class provides an intensive workout that specifically targets shaping your butt and core. What woman doesn’t want sculpted abs a tiny waist and a rock hard tush!? Finish up by stretching your muscles as you gain flexibility in all the right places. This is the perfect way to cool down after a hot workout.


Where real women get real. The pulsating beats from the today’s most hype Hip Hop music paired with hot movement and choreography results in a fun, effective way to condition the entire body inside and out and awaken the sexy hip hop goddess within. This dance based fitness class is an entertaining cardio intense, low impact fun experience that reminds women of how to hit the floor like she means it and own any room. The combinations are broken down so they are easy to learn and fun to perform wherever and whenever the occasion requires.​